When only the best is good enough!

Healthy for the horse

Ensiling maintains important nutrition value that the horses can get all year around, and that is to compare with grass. Silage is also more hygienic than hay as hay feeding often tender to be dusty. Dust can cause respiration problems both for the person who does the feeding and the horse.

There are higher demands for horse silage/haylage than for beef cattle. The DM (dry matter) should be dryer, between 50-65 %. Therefore HorseWrap have higher puncture and tear strength.

In addition haylage for horses is often traded over large distances due to that the horse owners often don’t have own farms, which means that the bale is put through more handling and the risk of damage to puncture the bales increases. To secure the extra handling HorseWrap is developed to give extra protection for puncture and wear resistance.

Developed in cooperation with SLU

HorseWrap has been developed and tested in cooperation with experts from SLU (the Swedish Univerisity of Agricultural Sciences) and horse owners around Scandinavia. A lot of research by SLU and practical experiences show that silage is an excellent forage for horses.


Dimensions Colors Reels per pallet User manual Machine list
25µm x 250mm x 1800m
48 User manual Go to link
25µm x 360mm x 1500m
30 User manual Go to link
25µm x 750mm x 1500m
15 User manual Go to link
25µm x 300mm x 1800m
36 User manual Go to link