New collecting system "ERDE Schweiz" has been founded

We have supported national collecting systems all over the world for many years now.

Franz-Josef Lichte, our responsible sale manager for the DACH, NZ/AUS region, has been very active as chairman for the German initiative ERDE Recycling since it was founded in 2014. With now 543 fixed collection points the German collecting system is well established and has just recently fulfilled its voluntary commitment and collected over 50% of all silage and stretch film placed on the German market.

This system has now been adopted to Switzerland. Naturally, to represent us and show our support, Franz-Josef Lichte joined the foundation meeting of the independent association ERDE Schweiz, under the leadership of Kurt Röschli.

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LCA calculations for our products show solutions for a more environmentally friendly silage production.

All human activity and all products have some kind of impact on the environment. The life cycle assessment (LCA) is a method to analyze the full impact of a product or service during its whole lifetime (including resource extraction, production, waste management, transport etc.).
We have done LCA calculations for our products, so we can give fact-based advice and secure customers, that there are products available, which are better for the environment than others.
Even if the bale wrap is only a small factor in the whole silage process, all possible contributions that lessen the environmental impact should be taken into account.
Our LCAs are done on a cradle to gate perspective and the result presented on a functional basis, which means for example less impact per bale or silo.
There are a lot of things influencing a product’s overall environmental impact. The parameters that we focus on mainly are material usage and raw material combination. Assessment results show, that by using less material per bale, recycled raw material or green polyethene the impact of a product can be reduced significantly. For example, the LCA for our Tenoplus products proves a decreased impact of 21%/25%!

*LCA modeled in SimaPro using data from the ecoinvent inventory database. Reduction in impact when comparing Tenoplus 21/19µ to Tenospin 25µ.

By taking fact-based decisions, when it comes to the choice of bale wrap, you can easily move to an even more sustainable farming in the future.

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After a yellow month, to support research on childhood cancer, we now want to join the Pinktober movement. The Breast Cancer Awareness Month, marked in countries across the world every October, helps to increase attention and support for the awareness, early detection and treatment as well as palliative care of this disease. We want to show our support and also contribute with our pink bales and sacks.

Since 2014, Trioplast, together with farmers and partners around the world, has contributed funds to cancer research and raised awareness with the Tenoplus pink, blue and yellow. The initiative has attracted a lot of attention, which has spread the knowledge and importance of the colorful bales. This makes us very proud.

If you want to support this Pinktober awareness campaign, contact your local dealer and ask for the Tenoplus pink!

Find out more about the product and our charity work, by clicking here.


It’s here! The first silage stretch film made with post consumer recycled (PCR) material.

We are very proud to be on the technical leading edge with this sustainable product. We made a field trip to see the new product in action. And it works great! It’s very important for us that our environmentally friendly products work just as good as the conventional equivalents.

Plastic products are essential for modern agriculture. We work hard with closing the loop and recycle the material.

Our new silage stretch film is an important part of the future.


Our strong product is getting even stronger!

Triolean, reduced material usage, is one of our focuses when it comes to product development,

also in our patented TenoBaleCompressor assortment. After extensive field trials and successful pre-launch of the product with our professional partners, we are now ready for the next step. In 2020 our 17µ products will be fully replaced by an all-new 16µ product range with more meters per reel, which will give contractors and farmers an even greater output.

More bales per reel, less stops in the field and less reel changes increase the efficiency while due to lower thickness, less material is used per bale and by that the environmental impact is reduced. The patented features, which give the outstanding stretchability of the product, are still obtained.

Also, our 20µ product in 1400mm width has undergone an efficiency boost! We have added 50m length to the reel, so that with an all new 1800 roll, bale output is increased!

All our new TenoBalecompressor products are delivered with our patented one piece sleeve packaging with edge protection for safe reel handling. It is 100 % recyclable PE and can be recycled with bale wrap.

Read more about our net replacement film here: TenoBaleCompressor


We are introducing the tried and tested 21µ Tenoplus in 2400m!

Our 21µ Tenoplus portfolio convinces farmers and contractors all over the world for years now – not only due to the greater efficiency while being suitable for all bale- and machine types, this specially developed PreTech film also reduced the user’s environmental impact due to 16% less material consumption and reduced waste in packaging material. The product is also known for the charity campaigns (Pink, blue and yellow color to support cancer awareness and research).

As we are always striving to offer more efficient while at the same time more sustainable products, our Tenoplus 21µ assortment is now growing! The new 2400m reels offer farmers and contractors an even greater output with the same tried and tested properties as the 1900m reels. In fact, 2400m offer the highest efficiency on square bales in the market!

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New product in 500mm to cover more machines

In recent years, silage and haylage have become more popular as forage in horse business. Especially horses with respiratory problems profit from this dust-free alternative to hay, but also those that have high nutrient requirements. With our HorseWrap range, we have been offering haylage producers a secure product fit for the special needs, for years now.

HorseWrap is optimized for mature grass and tough conditions with high puncture resistance and tear strength.

As the demand for haylage, particularly in small bales, is growing, as well as the number of small bale machines. Listening to our customer’s needs, we can now offer our special product for haylage also in 500mm, so that the unique product now covers even more machines.

In addition, we are also continuing the success story of our pink bales by offering the charity color pink in a 500 mm Horsewrap product.

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