Together with our partners and customers we are contributing to Breast-, Prostate- and Childhood Cancer Organisations with the campaigns of the colorful silage stretch film.

The idea for the pink bale initiative originally came from our distributor in New Zealand. The campaign started over there in autumn 2014, and since the commitment was so high we expanded to Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK and Ireland. Due to the great response to the campaign all over the world, we also launched a blue strech film to support awareness and research for prostate cancer.

In 2018 we completed the family: with a yellow balewrap film we want to support childhood canger organizations and also raise awareness.

By now, the colourful bales can additionally be admired on field in Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Spain.
We are proud to see that the commitment has been so high and hope that the pink and blue bales will get even more people to contribute and support this good cause.