Efficiency and Sustainability

Our innovations for inceased efficiency and sustainability in baling

Our main goal when developing products and concepts is to increase the total efficiency for the end-user!

To provide increased efficiency we need more meter of film on the reel. This is realized by using high quality raw material, optimized recipes and high-technology production processes.

In the development, a crucial step is to achieve same or better forage quality with the high-performance products in comparison to our proven premium products. Our products are thoroughly tested in field with different wrappers, in tough environments and various forage applications. In addition, all our high-performance products are also independently tested by the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU) with positive results.

With increased efficiency, there comes a lot of benefits:

Higher output when wrapping – Decreased costs

Less reel changes – Time saving

Less material usage - Saving both cost and environment

High quality silage – Increased profitability

Our extensive product range is today optimized for different applications and wrappers.

In our assortment you will find the right product to improve your efficiency!

Find out more about our efficient products for increased sustainabiliy in our flyer: